Informatica Applicata produces scientific, cultural and recreational publications that are highlighted in in the following 4 categories:

Generic publications, which concern books and texts of various kinds

Scientific publications, linked to the Diyala Study Center which continue a series of activities already promoted by the Assyriology Laboratory of the Pisa University, founded and directed by C. Saporetti

Geo-Archeologia Magazine, official magazine of the Italian Geo-Archaeological Association

Detective novels, about the police adventures of Prof. Ceruttini

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We remember that publications purchased in pdf format are regulated by the same laws as for print publications. In particular, the rules of use are highlighted below:

The file can only be used by the owner

It cannot be resold until once.

– It cannot be copied and disclosed

It can only be printed once

In the case of purchase by libraries, public or private, the volume may be made available to the users of the Library, as long as appropriate measures are taken to prevent it being copied and removed from the Library